What You Should be Prepared for When Bringing Together an Elderly on Your Trip

Going on a trip together with the elderly relatives can be a fun way to re-bond the family relationship. Our grandparents always have exciting stories to tell, especially about our parents when they were young, and about ourselves when we were babies. But seniors need extra attention, especially about their health.

A long trip forces us to sit for a long time. Perhaps, a mild back-pain is the only health problem we experience, and we can just do stretching to overcome it. But to our grandfather, for example, medication is needed.

Learn here to know what are the things you should be prepared for when bringing together an elderly on your trip.

Mobility assistance

When a person’s age is above the sixties, he/she is most likely to have health problems on the joints. Most elder people will experience sharp pain on their knees after they walk for a long time.

Scooter2Consider bringing together a wheelchair or walking crutches, depending on your senior’s health condition. In some popular tourist destinations, there are mobility scooter rentals on whom you can always count. For example, Disneyland Anaheim ECV rental gives you many options for mobility scooters for many purposes. They are not going to charge you with an unfair rate, unlike what most rumors have said. Renting a scooter is the alternative for you if you do not have the space for storing a wheelchair or crutches.


PillsDo not just prepare the medication on your own, even if you already know the drugs from the doctor’s usual prescription. Instead, bring your senior relative to do a general medical check-up.

Buy all the pills the doctor has suggested, and store them together with the first aid kit, or in another box that is easy to reach.

Sometimes, you will face a stubborn senior who persist that he/she is not going to need you to worry about him/her. But for the sake of the trip’s fun, you need to be prepared for the worst.

Notes of prohibited meals

proteinGoing on a trip can also be translated as a culinary adventure. And eating foods of many kinds will not be a problem for a youngster, but for an elderly, it will be.

Common diseases that attack old people are hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Each disease has its prohibited meals. People with diabetes must not consume sweet foods, and should always receive an insulin injection before eating. People with hypertension must avoid fatty foods and red meats. People with high cholesterol condition cannot eat high cholesterol menus, such as those of crabs, scallops, and lobster.

You should be responsible for your elder and keep a detailed note of what he/she must avoid eating.…