If you or someone you know has tested positive for HIV

If you or someone you know has tested positive for HIV, the AIDS Task Force is here to help. If you or someone you know is living with HIV or AIDS, contact a case manager today for a confidential interview. No one has to be alone while living with this disease.

Case Management

The AIDS Task Force provides comprehensive case management to all persons living in northeast Indiana with HIV or AIDS, free of charge. Case managers provide referrals to medical and counseling services, enrollment in insurance programs, access to food banks, financial assistance, and assistance with managing complex treatment schedules. Case managers stay in regular contact with each client and are dedicated to confidentiality for all clients and their families.

Support Groups

The AIDS Task Force offers weekly support groups for persons living with HIV and AIDS. These groups give people who are HIV-positive the chance to talk with others who are HIV-positive in a safe setting. Some support groups also provide social activities for clients. In addition, case managers can connect family members to support groups where others who have experienced the challenges of this disease can provide valuable advice and understanding.


The AIDS Task Force owns and operates a residential facility for persons living with HIV and AIDS. The Jack Ryan House offers efficiency and one-bedroom apartments in a safe and secure environment designed to help people living with HIV manage their disease comfortably. Case managers can also help low-income people living with HIV receive subsidized rents in housing throughout northeast Indiana and can make referrals to a number of other housing opportunities and services.

Direct Services

Through the generous efforts of AIDS Task Force volunteers, people living with HIV and AIDS can get lots of assistance in their daily lives. Volunteers provide transportation to medical appointments and food banks, house cleaning, and respite care for task force clients. The task force also sponsors a volunteer “buddy” program that pairs clients with volunteers for social interaction and ongoing support. Like case managers, all volunteers go through extensive training about HIV and AIDS and are committed to a client’s confidentiality. For more volunteer opportunities click here.

email: info@aidsfortwayne.org